About Rev. N K Bordhan

. Passion to Preach Christ
. Teaching Specialist in Greek, Hebrew language
. Exposing the New Testament of Bible
. Love open air Crusade

Born and brought up in a Christian family but personally received the Lord as my Saviour in a Baptism class and dedicated my life for Lord’s Service.

The great passion for civil service opened the door for appearing civil service exam but the passion for Christ overpowered and I joined in a Missionary Movement than to a Theological School. In the same school turned to be a Teacher in Greek and Hebrew served for 16 years. The Church ordained me and used as a Ordained Minister and Travel throughout India and some neighbouring Countries.

God has burdened my heart to back to Odisha, So me and my wife, Two boys and one girl came to Odisha and Serving in a Baptist Church as the main pastor of COBC, known as the mother church of Odisha. God is using me to Preach the living word, special class, Councelling and Training the youth.